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"I am coming soon, hold on tight to what you have so that no one will take away your CROWN"

Revelations Ch 3 V 11



Experience the perfect blend of beauty and wellbeing. Discover our expert-curated treatments for real, remarkable results.

Not sure what's recommended for you just yet?  I am here to help. First time facial? Deep Cleansing Facial is the way to go!

Thank you again for choosing Voltaire Spa!

Just a friendly reminder: I operate from a mobile spa bus. For added convenience, I offer a "Travel To Me" option for services with a minimum of $100. Option can be added to your appointment for me to come directly to your home/specific address for an additional fee. Please choose correct county in the drop down upon booking.

Parking destination will be based on address provided when you book your appointment. 

If you don't see a time or date that you desire please contact me to be placed on the waiting list or for squeeze in/after hour appointments.


Any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact me via text at 5613446940!



Experience a transformative journey through our diverse range of facials, meticulously tailored to meet your specific skincare needs. From the deep purification of our Deep Cleansing Facial to the smoothing benefits of Dermaplane and the indulgent pampering of our Back Facial, each treatment is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate for a radiant complexion. Rejuvenate your skin's texture with Microdermabrasion, or opt for our Teen Facial for gentle education on skincare habits. Unveil a brighter, youthful complexion with our Chemical Peel or stimulate collagen production with Microneedling. With our expert estheticians guiding you, indulge in the perfect facial to enhance your natural beauty and achieve your skincare goals with luxurious care and attention to detail.



Join us on a journey to silky-smooth skin with our comprehensive range of waxing services, meticulously designed to instill confidence and leave you feeling flawless. From the ultimate grooming experience of our Brazilian Wax to the sleek perfection of our Women's Bikini Wax, each service ensures long-lasting hair removal and a clean, comfortable feel.  Elevate your intimate grooming routine with our Vajacial service, combining a Brazilian wax with a rejuvenating vaginal facial for a refreshing and revitalizing experience.  With our skilled technicians prioritizing your comfort and satisfaction, experience the artistry of waxing and revel in exceptional results every time.



Experience a radiant smile with our professional teeth whitening service, delivering dazzling results in just one session. Say goodbye to stains and hello to confidence with Voltaire Spa's transformative treatment.

Ear Candling

Experience the gentle removal of excess wax and debris from the ears with our soothing ear candling service, promoting comfort and clarity.


Experience professional and efficient skin tag removal tailored to your needs ensuring minimal discomfort and optimal results.

Christine Voltaire, FOUNDER

Bringing Radiance to Life: Where Personal Meets the Forefront of Beauty

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