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Welcome to Voltaire Spa, I’m Christine Voltaire – a licensed Esthetician, a devoted mom, and wife. My passion lies in enhancing your outer beauty to uplift your inner wellness. Dedicated to offering luxury services and holistic education, I'm committed to helping you reach your wellness goals. At Voltaire Spa, exceptional customer service and unparalleled experiences are my hallmark. I aim to be your sanctuary from life's stresses, offering a haven where you can escape and rejuvenate. Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, & TikTok to stay connected and become a part of the VSpa Family. Thank you for embarking on this journey with me. Inhale peace, exhale stress. C’est la vie.

Results-driven care that puts your natural beauty in the center



Mobile Convenience with Luxurious Experience

Voltaire Mobile Spa offers the unique combination of convenience and luxury. While many mobile spa services focus solely on convenience, Voltaire ensures that clients experience the same level of luxury and pampering as they would in a stationary spa. From state-of-the-art equipment to premium-quality products, every aspect of the mobile spa experience is carefully curated to provide a truly indulgent and memorable treatment.


Expertise and Professionalism

Voltaire Mobile Spa is distinguished by its team of highly skilled professionals who excel in their respective fields. Whether it's skincare, or beauty treatments, each member of the team undergoes rigorous training and possesses extensive experience to deliver exceptional service. Clients can trust that they are in the hands of experts who prioritize their comfort, satisfaction, and safety.


Customized Wellness Solutions

Voltaire Mobile Spa goes beyond offering standard spa treatments by providing personalized wellness solutions tailored to each client's unique needs and preferences. Whether it's designing a customized skincare regimen, recommending specific techniques for targeted pain relief, or curating a spa package for a special occasion, the team at Voltaire Mobile Spa ensures that every client receives individualized attention and care to achieve their desired wellness goals.

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